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Tajuk ni buat saya jadi tertanya-tanya petang tadi. Ada link daripada FB page CPA tentang ‘Why join MICPA?’. Apa beza MIA dengan MICPA? Ya, MIA – Malaysian Institute of Accounting, dapat member, jadi CA. MICPA- Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountant, kena masuk program dia, pastu dapat member CPA (Malaysia) dan CA (Australia)~kalau ambik Advanced Stage .

So, mana yang lebih elok? MIA or MICPA? Atau kena ambik dua? Then saya search, terjumpa la 1 forum pasal ni. Saya ambik komen dari sorang ni. Yang lain, boleh tengok kat sini.


As you do not mention which local university you are from, so I do not make any assumption. I advise based on general rules.
In order to qualify for MIA membership, you are required to pass the final exam as specified by Accountant act 1967, schedule Part 1.
After obtaining 3 years of relevant working experiences as specified in the same Act, you may apply for MIA membership and qualified youself as Chartered Accountant (CA).
However, please be mindful that MIA membership do not automatically admit you to foreign professional accountancy bodies, where you are required to apply for exemption , attempting its papers and the admission requirement varies from each others. Some require Continouos Professional Development (CPD), some do not.
I do not know your intention in pursuing professional degress such as ACCA, CIMA or CPA but it depends on individual goals and ambition.
Local graduates that qualify for MIA membership do not bother for professional qualification as they can opt for MIA membership.
However, for those local gradute that do not qualify for MIA membership will consider taking up foreign professional qualification to apply MIA membership, meaning you will have two membership. But bear in mind that MIA membership only cost RM250 but foreign membership will cost you pound sterling, USD, EURO or any foreign currency (e.g. 175 pound for ACCA Associate member, equivalent to RM1,120 @ 6.40). Thus, many ACCA, CIMA or CPA associate members after obtaining their membership, they normally apply MIA member and give up their membership in ACCA, CIMA or CPA due to relatively higher member fee paid.
My advice will be:
1) If your local accountancy degree is recognized by MIA, after you have obtaining 3 years of relevant working experience, you can apply for MIA membership and become CA.
2) If your local accountacy degree is not recognized by MIA, you may opt for:
a) any foreign professional degree recognized by MIA.
b) Qualifying Exam (QE) conducted by MIA.
For details, check http://www.mia.org.my


Comments on: "MIA vs MICPA" (4)

  1. ohh tq zahidah.puas i google pasal nak ambik exam MIA. fyi, i ada dip in accntncy tapi buat bachelor in finnce. nak buat profsnl cam ACCA,CIMA sgala rasanya tak mampu nk study smpai tahap tu. dah tringin ni nk buat MIA exam. lepas ni u update la slalu bole kita share ilmu.

    • oic.. bachelor in finance eh. rasanya xda dalam list of approved program. u kena ambil MIA Qualifying Examination (QE) + 3 years experience in related area. u dah dalam bidang finance. so kalau u stay in finance selama 3 tahun, dalam masa sama u ambil exam tu, dah boleh qualify MIA member..=) tapi i xtau detail pasal exam tu sebab i dah pass approved program – B.Acct (Hons) UUM.

      • ye dah tahu kena amik MIA QE exam, dah thn ke5 keje dlm bidng account as an accnt exect. handle full set of accnt bezanya not qualified.
        takguna sgt pun ilmu bachlr finnce ni kat tempt keje.
        lagipun accnt & finnce tu deprtmnt yg berbeza.takpernh apply finnce exec.
        lepas grad memng trus ke bidng accnt, pernh jugak msuk firm.

      • ok. xpa nanti saya try tanya kot2 ada yg pernah ambil MIA QE Exam. rugi la kalau x qualified =)

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